Advisors to Business on Strategy, Planning & Implementation


Strategy Development

Our strategy development process is specifically designed to answer the question ‘where are you going?’

As business consultants, we facilitate, develop and document your vision for the future of your organisation and translate that into the specific steps needed to achieve it.

Operational Planning

Our proven planning process is designed to answer the question ‘how do you get there?’

That answer becomes clear once we identify the detailed objectives, actions and milestones that your organisation will need to have in place to achieve its goals. 

Implementation Support

Implementation is effectively your strategy in action and is always the most challenging phase.

As a business consulting firm, we use our considerable experience to provide implementation support and guidance to executives charged with strategic delivery. 

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FITZGERALD Consulting advises mid-sized commercial and not-for-profit organisations on strategy development, operational planning and implementation. We work closely with owners, boards and management teams who are facing the challenge of successfully growing their business, and provide expert consultancy to help make that happen and create a sustainable competitive advantage for the future. With a proven track record in a wide range of industries, we bring a valued combination of practical business experience and a structured process to every consulting assignment.


We help organisations to shape their future.  We do this using a combination of experience, a proven methodology and a structured approach in the development of quality strategic plans for our clients. Depending on client needs, we then often support the implementation of that strategy using our knowledge to guide management in its effective delivery.

Our approach is to clearly understand and agree what our clients wish to achieve and then help them to make that happen. We place a strong emphasis on communications and stakeholder engagement in our strategy development process which ensures that the options for future direction are considered and agreed before any detailed operational planning and implementation begins.

Our value lies in the combination of practical business experience and a proven methodology that we bring to every client engagement. Our experience comes from previous executive roles and extensive consulting assignments. Our methodology is based on core techniques that are then adapted to each specific and often unique situation. Clients therefore rely on our advice to achieve long-term results for their business and we build trusted relationships with them along the way.

Why not start with a free introductory consultation so you can get to know us and we can better understand your requirements.  We could then do a workshop with you and your management team on one or more important aspects of the strategy process.  Following that, if it makes sense for your organisation, we would be pleased to work with you on developing and implementing a full strategy for the future.


If you would like to speak with one of our business consultants by phone or perhaps arrange to meet for a free introductory management consultation, then simply submit your details and we will be in contact shortly.