Business ReviewObservations and recommendations for improvement

Developing a value building strategy for your business requires you to start with an assessment of how it currently operates. Our process therefore begins with an in-depth review of your business structure, history, activities, resources, performance and much more which then forms the basis for objective analysis, ideas and recommendations for the future.

Workshop Session

We facilitate and document an in-depth business review workshop as the key starting point in developing a value buiding strategy for clients. This is typically a one day session where we bring practical business experience and a structured approach to understanding all aspects of your business and the marketplace in which it operates. This then creates the base from which new ideas for a future strategic direction are developed.

Duration:  1 day (including weekend sessions if appropriate i.e. voluntary organisations)

Typical Participants:  Business Owners, Directors and Management Teams

Workshop Content

The workshop explores the following key areas of your business as the basis for assessment and recommendations for the future:

Structure & History
The ownership & management structure, evolution of the business, key stakeholders, performance history, culture, ambition and strategy.

All core and ancillary products and services offered together with how they are produced and delivered.

All of the resources available to your business including its people, process, systems, physical, intellectual and financial assets.

Value Proposition
The ability of your business to meet its customer’s needs in terms of price, service, process efficiency, brand effectiveness, customer experience, customer satisfaction and more.

The profile of your customers in terms of their needs, the value they attribute to your products and services and the level of interaction and relationship you have with them.

The channels your business uses for awareness, sales, delivery and after sales evaluation.

The partners your business uses for the distribution of your products and services and understanding what constitutes a valuable partner relationship.

The specialists, generalists, larger, smaller, local, national or international operators you compete with and how you differentiate your business.

Revenue & Cost Structure
The pricing structure used by your business, the required revenue to cover costs, potential economies of scale and potential new sources of revenue.


Workshop Outcomes

This review workshop delivers the following immediate outcomes

  • It creates an environment where objective questions can be asked and business activities constructively reviewed.
  • It enables owners, directors and management to consider and assess their business under core headings with the help of objective external facilitation.
  • It immediately identifies the high-level areas where the business needs to put more focus or investment.
  • It quickly pulls together the relevant information required to begin the development of a future strategy.
  • All of the insights and recommendations from the workshop session are documented and presented for further consideration and prioritisation.
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FITZGERALD Consulting has a structured process and proven techniques for developing highly effective business strategies that deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. If you would like us to facilitate a Business Review Workshop for your company, either as a standalone management exercise or as part of your wider strategy development, then please contact us on 00353 1 685 3953 or submit an enquiry on our website.