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Being a director of any legal entity now brings considerable obligations and we support clients with guidance workshops designed to bring a higher level of understanding, professionalism and expertise in discharging their responsibilities.

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Being asked to become a “Company Director” can be an honour for many and an opportunity to get involved in a commercial, charitable or membership organisation with which you are familiar.  It can also bring financial reward in terms of directors fees. Being a director of any company however now comes with significant responsibilities and you should know what they are together with the potential repercussions should you fail to meet them. You will also want to be part of an effective board where its collective decision making and actions enable the organisation to prosper.

The directors guidance workshop is often delivered as an important part of the strategy development of our mid-sized commercial and not-for-profit clients.  It is normally a 1/2 day collaborative session as follows:

Duration:  3 Hours (including evening or weekend sessions if appropriate i.e. voluntary boards)

Typical Participants:  Executive and Non-Executive Company Directors

Workshop Content

This workshop session provides a practical and appropriate overview of the key areas that the directors of your organisation need to focus on to discharge their responsibilities effectively which include:

  • Corporate Governance – What you need to know
  • Board of Directors – Purpose, Role and Effectiveness
  • Non-Executive Directors – Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Chairman – Primary Tasks
  • The Secretary – Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Essential Compliance – Risk Management
  • Duties of a Director – Same Basic Do’s and Don’ts

We facilitate an open discussion among board members on the performance of the board and where that can be improved. We also bring practical examples of where board governance and best practice has failed with significant consequences for the directors and the organisations they govern.

Workshop Outcomes

The workshop delivers the following outcomes for your organisation:

  • Directors will learn about their individual and collective responsibility to ensure the company’s prosperity by meeting the appropriate needs of its stakeholders through effective leadership and strong risk management
  • They will understand the nature of conflicts that may arise in discharging that responsibility and how to manage those
  • They will know the optimum composition of the board in terms of numbers, skills and independence
  • Individual directors will know how to contribute effectively to the running of the board and its decision making
  • The workshop will provide a practical guide to newly appointed directors in Ireland on their roles and responsibilities and will serve to keep more experienced directors refreshed and up-to-date
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FITZGERALD Consulting has a proven methodology for developing highly effective strategic plans that deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. If you would like us to facilitate a Board Guidance Workshop for your organisation, either as a standalone management exercise or as part of your wider strategy development, then please contact us on 00353 1 685 3953 or submit an enquiry on our website.