CommunicationsUsing effective communications to achieve your strategy

Successful companies use structured and planned communications as an effective means of achieving their business goals. We facilitate communications workshop sessions to support clients implement their strategy using well considered communications planning.

Workshop Session

It is proven over time that businesses most admired by their customers, employees, members, suppliers, shareholders, regulators and in public discourse are those that:

  • Have a clear strategy for the future
  • Have a CEO with a vision for the business and its sector
  • Consistently perform to plan and
  • Communicate the all of the above regularly and effectively

To do this requires structure, planning and well executed implementation and so therefore forms an integral part of our clients strategic planning for the future.

The business communications workshop is designed to assist our clients in creating key messages for consistent and structured use across their business. This is typically an intensive one day workshop as follows:

Duration:  1 Day (including weekends if appropriate i.e. voluntary boards)

Typical Participants:  Senior Management

Workshop Content

The Communications Workshop examines all aspects of your current communications process and puts a structure in place to achieve more effective and consistent outcomes through the following:

  • Key Messages – preparing short position pieces covering a wide range of topics relating to your business and its industry
  • Communications Objective – deciding the core message you want associated with your business over time
  • Target Audience – preparing a detailed map of your key stakeholders in terms of their power and influence over your business
  • Communications Approach – agreeing the structure, planning, consistency, channels and sources you apply to communications
  • Communications Activities – deciding the topics, channels, frequency, reach and measurement of your communications activities
  • Issues and Crisis Management Techniques – putting measures in place to identify and manage issues, avoid them escalating to a crisis and respond professionally if they do

Workshop Outcomes

This workshop will assist with the implementation of your strategy through the following outcomes:

  • You will have simple, effective and agreed communication messages in place throughout your business that will be used consistently over time to achieve the desired results
  • You will have a clear strategy and plan in place for proactive communications to engage internally with staff and externally with your relevant key audiences
  • You will ensure that any investment you make in communications is measurable and evaluated therefore giving you the maximum return
  • You will understand how to identify and manage issues your are facing through improved communication techniques
  • You will be prepared to communicate in response to any crisis you may encounter in the future
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FITZGERALD Consulting has a structured process and proven techniques for developing highly effective business strategies that deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. If you would like us to facilitate a Communications Workshop for your company, either as a standalone management exercise or as part of your wider strategy development, then please contact us on 00353 1 685 3953 or submit an enquiry on our website.