Leadership CoachingIncrease effectiveness of individuals or teams to achieve goals

Strategy implementation can be highly challenging and often requires different approaches to inspire the vision and success potential of individuals, teams and organisation as whole. We therefore support companies in the implementation of their strategy in this regard through leadership coaching delivered by one of partner firms Kevin J Reid.

Workshop Profile

The purpose of the leadership coaching workshop is to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths, consider new working practices and set the individual or team to achieve challenging goals. To guide the discussion, empower individuals and maintain focus, the Facilitator will:

  • Involve participants throughout the workshop process
  • Encourage the reserved individuals
  • Discover facts
  • Lead challenges
  • Ask profound questions
  • Question held beliefs
  • Record results


  • Dissemination of a confidential pre-workshop questionnaires


  • Half or full day including lunch

Recommended Participants

  • Individuals, members of the entire team.

Workshop Content

The Ice Breaker

A highly interactive and energetic opening to the workshop before the main proceedings, whereby people get to know each other, understand the processes and buy into the purpose of the event.

Discovery Process – Leading to Situational Awareness’s 

  • Generalised review of confidential pre-workshop questionnaires, whereby no comments can be attributed to any one person or department.
  • The Workshop Facilitator will lead a discovery conversation (utilizing a situational awareness model) with the aim of getting the Coachee’s individually or as a group to develop their personal situational awareness by:
  • Understanding the formal and informal structure of the situation.
  • Understanding the climate and the atmosphere.
  • Understanding the formal and informal relationships involved.
  • Understanding the underlying issues and tensions.

Workshop Process/ Models

Through a series of applicable coaching models (depending on the specifics of individual scenarios) we will workshop to improve on greater motivation and commitment for individuals, direct reports, teams and, when goals, initiatives, projects or goals have run out of steam and would benefit from re-energising. Models have additional applicability when deciding what initiatives, projects or goals to focus on as a priority. Examples of the type of models to be built into your workshops are as follows:

  • The Big Picture Model

In this workshop, we will mostly concentrate on the ‘why’. Understanding the ‘why’ is the missing link for most individuals and teams. When an understanding has been reached, it is amazing what individuals and teams are then willing and able to do, to consider, or to make happen.

When someone has a big enough ‘why?’, they will motivate themselves to overcome any ‘how’.

But when a very small ‘why? Is held internally, even a straightforward ‘how’ becomes difficult to achieve. Overcoming the hurdles in business is due more to the level of motivation that any other single component; that is the power of ‘why?’.

  • The What, Why and How Model

This model is applicable for when there is a lack of clarity on the direction, motivation, influence in a situation. With a strong sense of direction, a high level of motivation and a range of strategies to influence the desired outcome, individuals, teams and organisations are better equipped to influence the results and outcomes they desire.

  • Client Box Model

Everyone gets treated as an important client and therefore treated with the respect and attitude required to impress and improve a ‘client’ relationship. The model drives the mind-set change that an individual maintains the same level of thought, discipline and energy to certain other relationships with colleagues at certain other times on a certain aspect as you would do with any valued client.

  • Strategic Leadership (Vision)

This model is applicable when a leader seeks to apply different approaches to inspire the vision, growth and success potential of individuals, teams and their organisation. The highest momentum is achieved when there is a strong connection to the vision as it gives the strongest sense of purpose in what is being done and gives greater value to all goals and objectives. This model is the application of impact X passion.

  • The Leader – Manager – Operator Model

In any given situation the leader always has one of three choices to choose from; they can choose to:

  • Lead
  • Manage
  • Be operational

Understanding which of the three to choose from largely determines the capacity available for delivering excellent results. This model allows the leader to anticipate the consequences of the choice made and ensure alignment with the desired outcome.

Additional applicable Coaching Models can be inserted into the workshop as client circumstances dictate.

Workshop Outcomes

The Executive Coaching workshop will manage the common shortfall arising from poor internal communications from the process of change and instigate new workable models with individuals and teams, allowing them to:

  • Adopt the new work practices and operate with a high degree of interdependence
  • Share task and team authority and responsibility for their self-management
  • Establish and maintain collective accountability
  • Work towards their common goals and shared rewards

Arising from the workshop, a new team dynamic will be created utilising instructional exercise and physical group activities within a three-part model through to:

  • Build a real team
  • Motivate the team
  • Maintain the team

Managers who have been on our workshops are better equipped throughout the implementation processes to manage and maintain ongoing standards of communication excellence.

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