Preparing for GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulations - understanding your obligations

Interpreting the GDPR regulation is a complex task. It is difficult for organisations to understand what compliance would look like for them, or to know where to start.

In partnership with Sam Glynn of Code in Motion, our workshop provides focused and pragmatic advice to businesses so the requirements of GDPR are understood and the most effective path to compliance is clear.

Workshop Sessions

Any organisation that processes the personal data of employees or customers must comply with data protection law. The arrival of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018 will strengthen and broaden the existing law, while also introducing more painful penalties on firms that fail to comply. For all organisations therefore, GDPR represents a large financial and reputational risk.

Broader powers enable the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) to apply significant sanctions and fines on those who do not comply with the law.  More significantly, it also enables citizens to take you to court if they believe you have violated their data protection rights. Citizens are entitled to damages even if they did not suffer a significant or financial loss resulting from your noncompliance.

We have designed our workshop to cut through the complexity and deliver clear and concise GDPR information. Our approach will enable you and your business to make properly informed decisions, and begin adapting processes now, in the most cost effective manner. Through discussion and live examples we will:

  • Bring you and your teams to an informed level of understanding of GDPR
  • Provide a realistic sense of how the regulation impacts your business
  • Empower you and your teams to begin making simple and meaningful changes on the path to compliance
  • Remove the uncertainty for the future, ensuring your business plans can move ahead
  • Prepare you and your teams for future regulatory changes as the new European landscape emerges

Duration:  2 Half-days (can be combined into 1 full day including lunch)

Typical Participants:  Leaders, individuals, members of the team charged with responsibility for GDPR in your organisation.

GDPR compliance requires employees and employers to both be aware of their responsibilities.

Workshop Content

We work with many clients and each has unique challenges.  In our experience, helping you prepare for GDPR is a two-step process and therefore we offer the following approach:

  • Session 1: ‘Zero to Hero’ Training
    3-hour training session with a small number of your key staff, getting them up to speed on the high-level requirements of GDPR without getting buried in the detail.
  • Session 2: ‘Getting Started’ 
    3-hour workshop with your key staff, focused on one of your processes. Identifying actions to move you closer to GDPR compliance using an approach you can replicate across your business.

Workshop Output

Output from Session 1 ‘Zero to Hero’ Training
The training pack used for session 1 will be provided in electronic format for future reference.  This pack includes links to useful online resources so participants know where to look for more detailed answers to their questions.  This pack is a valuable resource when introducing new starters to the organisation and when performing ‘refresher’ training to staff (an effective way to remain compliant).

Output from Session 2 ‘Getting started’ – Key Actions Report
A ‘Recommended Actions’ report will be produced by our team following the second session.  It will capture the key actions identified during the workshop.  It will also include pragmatic advice on how to structure your compliance efforts to ensure you focus on resolving the most concerning gaps quickly.  The report will be the organisation’s initial ‘To Do’ list for its compliance efforts.


Workshop Outcomes

The workshop experience will prepare you for the evolving regulatory landscape through the following outcomes:

  • You and your teams will have an informed level of understanding of GDPR and associated obligations as you process the personal data of EU citizens (e.g. employees, customers, prospects)
  • You will have the platform of knowledge for your business to begin its journey to GDPR compliance
  • You will reduce the risk of misinterpreting the regulatory requirements and become compliant more quickly
  • You will learn how to look more deeply at key processes, ensuring GDPR compliance is also an opportunity to simplify and digitise where possible, reducing complexity and cost
  • You will create a repeatable template for use across your business, uniting teams to a common goal throughout the product or service lifecycle

By being prepared you will significantly reduce the risk and impact of a DPC investigation, court appearance or fine. You will avoid the negative publicity & reputational damage arising from noncompliance. By demonstrating compliance with GDPR and commitment to protecting the privacy of your customers, you will retain clients and win new business.

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FITZGERALD Consulting has a structured process and proven techniques for developing highly effective business strategies that deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. If you would like us to facilitate a GDPR Workshop for your company, either as a standalone exercise or as part of your wider engagement, then please contact us on 00353 1 685 3953 or submit an enquiry on our website.