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Having well considered goals in place for your company creates a solid foundation for future decision making and is therefore a key workshop session in our business strategy process with clients. It ensures the effective long term use of their resources in terms of people, time and money.

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One of the biggest problems in business is a lack of planning.  There are many reasons why this happens including not having the skills, not having the discipline or simply being ‘too busy’.  In a dynamic environment however, businesses can quickly become a victim of change as opposed to a beneficiary. This change can stem from many sources including regulation, competition, consumer sentiment and much more. Taking time therefore to anticipate and plan for the future makes sense for every business.

For any strategy, plan or initiative to be successful, every leadership team must have a set of clear long term goals in place to make it happen.  There will normally be between six and eight of these identified which will require detailed planning and implementation to achieve but this falls into place once the overall strategic direction is agreed. Examples often include:

  • Developing new products or services;
  • Expanding into new markets;
  • Making acquisitions to escalate growth;
  • Outsourcing non-core business functions;
  • Developing new channels for product or service delivery;

Having these goals agreed also contributes significantly to staff morale who could otherwise perceive the organisation as aimless and avoids valuable resources being wasted on ill-informed investment decisions.

We facilitate a strategic goal setting workshop as an important component of strategy development with our clients. These are typically one day sessions as follows:

Duration:  1 Day (including weekend sessions if appropriate i.e. for voluntary organisations)

Typical Participants:  Owners and Management Teams

Workshop content

The workshop will bring you through a structured process for considering the long term operating conditions for your business that you aspire to over the coming three to five years. What is required to achieve these conditions will be determined and documented in the form of long term goals together with specific underlying objectives for each. These objectives will in turn be further explored in terms of desired outcomes and key performance indicators, the collective achievement of which will deliver those strategic goals.

  • Industry Context
  • Company Goals
  • Key Objectives
  • Desired Outcomes
  • Key Performance Indicators

As advisors, we bring practical experience, objectivity, innovation and challenge to assist you in determining goals that are in the best interest of your company. In addition, we bring a structured process for agreeing, documenting and presenting all that is captured in the workshop session.

Workshop Outcomes

The outcomes of the workshop will become a fundamental driver of your business strategy for the future in that:

  • It will help you determine the long term operating conditions that are in the best interest of your company;
  • It will clarify where you and your management team should focus your time and energy;
  • It will establish boundaries for effective decision making and a guide to where to invest your financial resources;
  • It will force you to anticipate changes in your marketplace and prepare to react and compete;
  • It will enable you to become proactive rather than reactive in your approach;
  • It will form a base from which progress can be measured and employees rewarded;
  • It will enhance your internal and external reputation as a company with a clear purpose and direction;
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FITZGERALD Consulting has a structured process and proven techniques for developing highly effective business strategies that deliver fantastic outcomes for our clients. If you would like us to facilitate a Goal Setting Workshop for your company, either as a standalone management exercise or as part of your wider strategy development, then please contact us on 00353 1 685 3953 or submit an enquiry on our website.